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When working CRIU uses two directories to keep the data in.

Image directory[edit]

This is the one specified with the -D|--images-dir $path option. If not given CRIU uses current working directory. This is where all images are put.

Prev images directory[edit]

When using the memory changes tracking facility it's important to tell CRIU where images from previous run are. This is done by specifying the path with the --prev-images-dir option.

Remember, that the path given should be relative to the images directory, e.g. like this

# criu dump --images-dir ./images-1 --track-mem
# criu dump --images-dir ./images-2/ --prev-images-dir ../images-1 --track-mem

Symlinks in paths of absolute paths will not work as well unfortunately.

Working dir[edit]

All other files, e.g. logs, irmap cache, sockets for lazy server and other go to working dir. By default the working directory is the images directory, but it's possible to override one with the -W|--work-dir $path option.