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Tarball: criu-1.3-rc2.tar.bz2
Version: 1.3-rc2
Released: 18 Jun 2014
GIT tag: v1.3-rc2

New features[edit]

  • Native (w/o plugins) c/r of external bind mounts
  • C/R of the info in which cgroups tasks live
  • C/R of task's dumpable flag
  • Dump pstore, securityfs, fusectl and debugfs mountpoints


  • VDSO was searched on stack's guard page
  • Mount namespace w/o /proc mount blocked the restore
  • Several misses in searching for COW VMA resulted in sub-optimal pages sharing on restore
  • FIFO-s path was restored in wrong mount namespace
  • Mountpoint fsnotify could be restored on a bind-mount
  • One tmpfs mounted several times was dumped several times
  • Bind-mount's root path of the top mount was calculated with error
  • Fix device number calculation out of major:minor on some distros
  • Devpts mount options got lost on dump
  • Page-pipes grew endlessly resulting in dump failures on big VMAs
  • IO and PF mappings were tried to be dumped
  • Two merged MAP_GROWSDOWN VMAs got dumped with overlapping guard page
  • Too small shared area was used to fetch tasks mappings that resulted in failed dump of huge mappings
  • Many fixes in build system
  • Zdtm's COW test sometimes ignored COW failures