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CRIU can use this option to migrate applications over the network.


Add the --remote option to send the checkpoint data through the network and restore the application on a different machine.

The communication is performed as follows: At the src_node, CRIU dump sends the images through UNIX sockets to Image Proxy. Image Proxy sends them to Image Cache via a TCP connection. At the dst_node, Image Cache forwards the images via UNIX sockets to CRIU restore.

CRIU usage example with --remote:

dst_node# criu image-cache -d --port <port>
src_node# criu image-proxy -d --port <port> --address <dst_node>
src_node# criu dump -t <pid> --remote
dst_node# criu restore --remote

Image Cache

The option's syntax is image-cache -d --port.

Image Proxy

The option's syntax is image-proxy -d --port --address $dst_node.