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Check and fix non-x86 arches

CRIU works with compel just fine, but standalone mode is verified by tests on x86 only.

Fix "root-only" obstacle

CRIU is root-only tool, so we've only checked compel to work when used by root-capable tasks. However, making it work from non-root user is possible, not that hard and makes perfect sense.

Tune the API

Right now we have some stuff that just got into compel/include/uapi/ when we moved the code around and should be hidden. Naming could probably be better too. Configuring the infection context is also FIXME-able.

Rectify parasite loading

For now the prepared parasite ELF should be converted into a C header file, then compiled with infection code, then libcompel can inject it into victim. Reorganizing the code so that it loads the ELF itself is tempting.

Make .so version of the library

For now the libcompel.a is built, so only static linkage is possible. Making it .so should not be a big deal, it mostly depends on the API rectification task (API should be extendable and backward compatible).

Save/Restore SAS in standalone mode

It's currently only handled by CRIU