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Latest revision as of 01:11, 9 March 2017

Released: 20 Feb 2013
GIT tag: v0.4

New features[edit]

  • ARM port
  • Remote syscall execution
  • C/R of
    • FPU state
    • File locks (basic support)
    • Rlimits
    • FANotify descriptors
    • Shared fdtable (table of file descriptors)
    • Tasks' umask
    • Pipe buffer size
    • Unix sockets' credentials
    • TCP time-stamp offset (allows to migrate a TCP socket, requires custom kernel)
  • Automatic namespaces detection (--namespace option is deprecated)


  • Build system rework
  • Dumping/restoring memory pointers standardized (while doing ARM port)
  • Ability to collect coverage (gcov, reported here)
  • 32/64-bit problems mostly resolved (while doing ARM port)