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Tarball: criu-0.8.tar.bz2
Version: 0.8
Released: 18 Oct 2013
GIT tag: v0.8

New features[edit]

  • RPC service
  • Ability to work from non-root user (via +s bit)
  • Handle stopped tasks
  • Restore tasks' root path
  • Dump and restore net ns iptables configuration (w/o conntracks)
  • Support for external net devices in netns (e.g. openvz venet)
  • Support CORK and NODELAY TCP options
  • SEQPACKET unix sockets support

Fixes and improvements[edit]

  • Unload restorer blob after restore
  • Fixes and enhancements in criu show
  • Fix in unsorted inotify wd restoring
  • Fixed trimmed messages in parasite transport
  • Fine-grained pgrps restore
  • Fix in large TCP buffers restore
  • Fixed buffer overflow in IPC ns dumping
  • Fix in early page server connection close on pre-dump
  • Fixed race in handling aborted parasite blob
  • Fixed lost unmapped criu vmas in restore
  • Fixes in parsing devices in /proc/pid/maps and /proc/locks
  • Fixed snd/rcv buf sockoptions restore
  • Enhanced logging in parasite