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Tarball: criu-1.5.tar.bz2
Version: 1.5
Released: 2 Mar 2015
GIT tag: v1.5

New features

  • CRIT tool
  • Ability to request CPU compatibility on instructions level only
  • C/R of empty AIO rings
  • More detailed errno report via RPC
  • Per-feature "criu check"
  • Inheriting FDs on restore
  • Ability to automatically move veth device to host-side bridge on netns restore
  • VT terminals support
  • More user namespaces C/R stuff


  • TCP send queue is restored in the maximal portions allowed by the kernel
  • Pre-loading sock-diag modules now happens in a more elegant way


  • Multi-threaded tasks on 64bit ARM could segfault upon restore
  • When doing "check" CRIU could leave un-killed piggie task
  • The --cpu-cap option: argument was parsed with errors, incorrect handling of 'fpu' option in restore mode.
  • Criu ignored trailing CLI arguments that resulted in usage confusions
  • Irmap hints didn't include common "/" path
  • When run per user request, CRIU left log and pid files belonging to root
  • Mappings on AUFS could be looked up on wrong mount point
  • Fixed compilation on Centos6.5
  • Wrong /proc was used when reading the list of FDs to close on restore