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{{Release|2.1|11 Apr 2016|Steel Lapwing}}
{{Release|2.1|11 Apr 2016}}
=== New features ===
=== New features ===

Latest revision as of 08:14, 26 January 2017

Tarball: criu-2.1.tar.bz2
Version: 2.1 "Steel Lapwing"
Released: 11 Apr 2016
GIT tag: v2.1

New features[edit]

  • Checking now classifies features to important/extra/experimental
  • Ability to bring some disk files into images. See $source/scripts/tmp-files.sh
  • C/R of
    • Completed AIO requests
    • Fallback gre and gretap net devices


  • Code coverage collecting now works
  • Use native rtnl library for netlink messages processing
  • Using --output - now results in stdout as log, not a file with the name "-"
  • Signals are printed by names in logs


  • Make tar generated tarbal with bad name
  • CG restore code lacked rollback in some places
  • Error code from raw syscalls was treated with errors resulting in wrong criu check reports
  • Dumping task with HUGE amount of file descriptors failed
  • Task could be stopped after pre-dump if respective option was used
  • A /proc/pid directory from dead process conflicting with a new alive one could cause dump to fail
  • Zombie from alien session/process group caused restore to fail
  • CGroup fs was wrongly mounted in CGNS on restore
  • Irmap scan was mis-checking devices numbers
  • Use-after-free in irmap scan
  • Btrfs bindmounts detection was mistaken due to 'subvol=' options met
  • Propagation of mountpoint's shared groups was lost for propagated mounts
  • Unaligned allocations of restore shared memory could result in codedumps when used by futexes
  • Temporary mountpoints could result in spurious propagations
  • When aborting the dump criu could crash on use-after-free objects
  • Locking the network could stuck doing the DNS resolve
  • Several build fixes


  • The images from criu prior to 0.4 are deprecated
  • The --namespaces option makes no sense and is also deprecated
  • The --ms option for check action is deprecated