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Tarball: criu-2.11.tar.bz2
Version: 2.11 "Acrylic Bullfinch"
Released: 13 Feb 2017
GIT tag: v2.11

New features[edit]


  • More strict checks for extra CLI options
  • Report errors when probing locks
  • Restorer logs now contain timestamps


  • Regression: v2.10 was broken on ARM
  • Use-after-free when restoring ghost directory
  • Array out-of-bound access when restoring VETH device
  • Page server exit code could be screwed up
  • Clang over-optimized string.h routines resulting in random crashes
  • Parasite failed to send FDs via socket on Alpine Linux
  • Restore of huge file tables could get stuck
  • Restore of epoll in epoll could fail
  • Errno value could be lost when reporting failure to restore invisible files
  • Dump of sched params didn't work on Alpine
  • Restore of huge memory dumps (over 2G) failed
  • Installation guessed /lib vs /lib64 with errors
  • Migration between xsave and noxsave didn't work for wrong cpu feature being checked