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{{Release|2.2|16 May 2016|Carbon nightingale}}
{{Release|2.2|16 May 2016|Carbon Nightingale}}
=== New features ===
=== New features ===

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Tarball: criu-2.2.tar.bz2
Version: 2.2 "Carbon Nightingale"
Released: 16 May 2016
GIT tag: v2.2

New features

  • Uninstall action in Makfilefile
  • "Post-resume" added to action scripts
  • Root task's PID in environment for action scripts
  • C/R of
    • Devconfs drop_gratuitous_arp and drop_unicast_in_l2_multicast
  • * Serial ttys


  • Lighter link-remaps restore on newer kernels


  • Race when restoring userns vs setting ns' maps
  • Tasks with zero fds failed the dump
  • Restore of TCP recv queue could fail due to kernel mem alloc constraints
  • No errors were written to logs when launching helper (tar/iptables) app in userns restore
  • User-mode dumped no memory pages sometimes
  • Bind mounts considered not as bind sometimes
  • Two mounts in the same directory blocked the dump
  • Off-by in on /dev/tty{1,63} dumping
  • Forking of cgroupns task was done with screwed clone flags


  • Greedy mode of pagemap dumping (on some kernels we do not support user-mode)
  • Removed the --namespaces option