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{{Release|2.3|14 Jun 2016|Wooden duck}}
{{Release|2.3|14 Jun 2016|Wooden Duck}}
=== New features ===
=== New features ===

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Tarball: criu-2.3.tar.bz2
Version: 2.3 "Wooden Duck"
Released: 14 Jun 2016
GIT tag: v2.3

New features

  • Ability not to show payload for some objects in CRIT
  • Pidfile is written at the end of restore
  • Ability to join existing namespaces on restore
  • C/R of
    • Data sitting in TTYs
    • Partially write-protected SysVIPC segments
    • Debugfs and tracefs mounts
    • Overmounted tmpfs
    • IPv6 devconf sysctls
    • External block devices
    • Unix sockets with mismatched shutdown state


  • Relaxed calculation of AIO ring size
  • Tree-based search of tasks by real pid
  • Less mem-to-mem copies on restore
  • Saner devconf image format
  • More verbose explanation of why task cannot be seized
  • PID is printed in PIE logs


  • Too many mmap-ed files blocked the dump
  • Potential memory corruption when working with IPv6 sockets
  • Overmounted bind mounts could cause restore to fail
  • Overmounted bind mounts could result in badly restored mount tree
  • Incomplete restoration of RO bind mounts options


  • Greedy mode of pagemap (non-root) caused dump to fail (disabled)