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{{Release|2.5|15 Aug 2016|Concrete Oriole}}
{{Release|2.5|15 Aug 2016|Concrete oriole}}
=== New features ===
=== New features ===

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Tarball: criu-2.5.tar.bz2
Version: 2.5 "Concrete Oriole"
Released: 15 Aug 2016
GIT tag: v2.5

New features

  • C/R
    • fs.mqueue.msg*_default sysctls
    • Unix sockets with overwritten paths
    • Link-remap files in removed directories


  • Micro-optimization on namespace ID evaluation
  • Restoring shared files uses one socket instead of per-fd ones
  • More verbosity when refusing to dump a file descriptor


  • Restore could fail on openat() with ENXIO when multiple mnt namespaces get restored
  • The criu exec action got broken
  • Link-remap and ghost files remained on FS after restore failure
  • TCP window could remain clamped after restore resulting in connection lockup/slowdown
  • Dump could stuck when injecting a parasite
  • The --timeout option wasn't taken into account when freezing tasks using freezecg
  • Race in freezeing/seizing could result in lost tasks
  • Memory leaks here and there on error paths
  • Double free in xvstrcat (crash)
  • VDSO length was mis-calculated
  • Symlink on --root path could make restore erroneously fail
  • Potential memory corruption on reading mntns images
  • When restoring on systems with low pid_max limit restore could fail
  • RO-protected SysV shmem segments could be restored with PROT_EXEC
  • File mode of mapped file was evaluated with errors
  • Restore of cgroups' mem.swappines and ..use_hierarchy blocked sub-groups creation
  • Impossible to restore cgoup mem.swappines default value
  • Zombies living in orphan sessions/groups failed the restore