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{{Release|2.7|17 Oct 2016|Rubber owl}}
{{Release|2.7|17 Oct 2016|Rubber Owl}}
=== New features ===
=== New features ===

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Tarball: criu-2.7.tar.bz2
Version: 2.7 "Rubber Owl"
Released: 17 Oct 2016
GIT tag: v2.7

New features

  • Option --cgroup-root now makes sense on dump too
  • CLOCK_BOOTTIME timer supported


  • Output of iptables command leaked into logs for no use
  • Helper dev environment installation script for Debian
  • Man-page updated and prettified :)


  • Unmounted binfmt_misc with rules wasn't dumped at all
  • Malloc() error could result in crash
  • Device cgroup restore could fail restoring empty record
  • Some entries in device cgroups were restored twice
  • Potential crash when dumping cgroup bindmounts
  • Sign error caused dump to fail on btrfs partitions
  • Shared mounts with the same mount path failed the dump
  • Threads were restored with unshared FS (cwd and root)
  • Shared memory changes tracking disabled (regression found)
  • Restore of autofs can hang
  • LSM profile propagation could be lost
  • Mountpoint with lots of options blocked the dump (too small buffer for parsing)
  • External slave mount (with external master) blocked the dump
  • Mounts with STRICTATIME restored with others flags dropped


  • No reg-file entry for TTYs