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Tarball: criu-2.9.tar.bz2
Version: 2.9 "Silk Tit"
Released: 12 Dec 2016
GIT tag: v2.9

New features[edit]

  • CRIU can now be built with clang on all supported architectures
  • Ignore missing sysctls on restore with --weak-sysctl
  • C/R overmounted mountpoints


  • Batch restore of memory contents from pages.img files
  • Link-remap type for invisible files is explicit in images
  • Man page for CRIT


  • C/R with --empty-ns still handled iptables configuration
  • SCM messages inside UNIX socket got lost after C/R (now dump aborted)
  • Empty unixsk.img file appeared when dumping tasks without unix sockets
  • Install procedure wasn't PEP-394 compliant
  • CRIU blocking netfilter rules were added at the tail of the chain resulting in unlocked TCP connections
  • Dump/Restore spurious failures when open() returned 0 descriptor
  • When dumping shmem lots of zero pages were written into image files
  • Ghost directory with more than zero ghost parents caused restore to fail
  • Shared mount could escape to different group on restore