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Tarball: criu-3.11.tar.gz
Version: 3.11 "Glass Flamingo"
Released: 06 Nov 2018
GIT tag: v3.11


New features

  • C/R of
    • epoll: Add support for duped targets
    • tun: Add support for multiple net ns
    • x86: Support extendable fpu frames


  • mount: Better handling of mount points propagation
  • nmk: Make collect-deps to be more precise about targets
  • lazy-pages: Don't mark current stack page as lazy
  • x86: CPU -- Rework feature testing
  • files: Fix O(n^2) restore in terms of the number of fds
  • fdstore: Unlimit fdstore queue on start
  • mount: Fix regression where open_mountpoint failed on readonly fs
  • page server: Handle partial splicing
  • ... lots of small fixes here and there