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       Use {{Bug|123}} to link to a github issue
       Use {{Bug|123}} to link to a github issue

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Tarball: criu-3.15.tar.gz
Version: 3.15 "Titanium Falcon"
Released: 03 Nov 2020
GIT tag: v3.15

New features

  • Introduced criu-image-streamer (also see https://github.com/checkpoint-restore/criu-image-streamer).
  • Added MIPS support.
  • Allow checkpointing out of existing PID namespace and restoring into existing PID namespace.
  • Added additional file validation mechanisms (buildid in addition to filesize).
  • Added support to checkpoint and restore BPF hash maps (BPF_MAP_TYPE_HASH) and array maps (BPF_MAP_TYPE_ARRAY).
  • Initial cgroup2 support


  • Many fixes here and there


  • Additional libcriu interfaces (orphan_pts_master, version, FD handling)
  • Use the new mount API