Tarball: criu-3.18.tar.gz
Version: 3.18 "Silver Sandpiper"
Released: 22 Apr 2023
GIT tag: v3.18

New featuresEdit

  • Allow CRIU to be used as non-root
  • Add SIGTSTP support
  • Add opt to skip file r/w/x check on restore


  • Many fixes here and there


  • cgroup2: Dump cgroup controllers of every threads in a process
  • save IP_FREEBIND option for SOCK_RAW sockets also
  • support IP_PKTINFO and IPV6_RECVPKTINFO options
  • Implement hw breakpoint for arm64 platform
  • Set only used XFEATURE_* in xstate_bv
  • Checkpoint and restore some global properties
  • A checkpoint optimization for highly sparse ghost files (--ghost-fiemap)