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Tarball: criu-3.4.tar.gz
Version: 3.4 "Cobalt Swan"
Released: 21 Aug 2017
GIT tag: v3.4

New features[edit]

  • Support for s390x architecture


  • Unexpected death of restored tasks is reported with more details in logs
  • Merged many images containing info about files into one big files.img
  • When helper utility fails (ip, iptables, tar) its name is printed in logs


  • Compilation failed on newer glibcs (ucontext_t)
  • Dying helper task could deadlock the restore process
  • Install-related makefile variables weren't configurable for distro build
  • SIT (ipv6-to-v4 tunnel) presence on host blocked dump of any containers
  • Potential NULL dereference when dumping net namespace
  • Dump via page server might not work across different criu versions
  • Failure to restore a subtask could be ignored by the restore command
  • EOF on page-server socket wasn't handled