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Tarball: criu-3.7.tar.bz2
Version: 3.7 "Vinyl Magpie"
Released: 19 Dec 2017
GIT tag: v3.7

New features


  • Show criu and kernel versions in logs
  • CRIT decodes socket families, protocols and types
  • Much less pipes is needed for pre-dump, which is especially useful for big mem migration


  • Files in /proc/pid/map_file could be opened by non-exiting name (with 0x prefix) and it was fixed in kernel
  • CRIU log levels were used to configure logging for libsoccr thus breaking its logs
  • Overflow in various IDs caused bad image names
  • Compat (32bit) syscalls lost signedness in compel
  • Corked sockets lost cork flag
  • Preadv() syscall was declared with error which resulted in dump errors for big mem/files
  • Musl compilation failed
  • Ghost files in / dump failed
  • Crash when releasing context for ghost files, due to free()-ing shmalloc()-ed area
  • Lazy restore could receive partial page and crashed
  • Erroneous closing of lazy pages connection caused restore to hang
  • Lazy memory fetch restore could start before tasks are restored