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This page lists older (3.x) CRIU releases. For latest release, see Download/criu.

With 3.x, we've finally split Compel from the rest of the CRIU and also added support for 32-bit tasks on x86-64 platform.

v. 3.1[edit]

Tarball: criu-3.1.tar.bz2
Version: 3.1 "Graphene Swift"
Released: 22 May 2017
GIT tag: v3.1

New features[edit]

  • Each boolean option now has the --no-$option pair
  • RSS explorer in CRIT
  • Multiple plugins in compel
  • Run-time check of 32-mmap BUG on x86
  • C/R of
    • 32-bit futex robust list on x86


  • Start time is improved significantly with kerndat cache
  • Sigaction image is merged into Core
  • Unneeded stages are skipped during restore
  • Restore w/o namespaces uses host /proc
  • Restore w/o namespaces doesn't parse host mounts (not needed)
  • Single-threaded tasks do not parse /proc/pid/task/ in vain
  • BFD engine is used for more /proc files
  • More verbosity in libsoccr
  • Fsnotify dump w/o namespaces doesn't walk mounts tree


  • Python bindings left zombie in self-dump mode
  • The last_pid sys-control was reset by restore
  • Threads caps were compared with mistake
  • make install put crit/pycriu to wrong place if DESTDIR was not set (#309)
  • Fsnotifies C/R w/o namespaces restored with errors
  • Inherited control terminal restore was failed (but dump succeeded)

v. 3.0[edit]

Tarball: criu-3.0.tar.bz2
Version: 3.0 "Basalt Wagtail"
Released: 24 Apr 2017
GIT tag: v3.0

New features[edit]


  • SysVIPC shmem segments are now dumped as any other shmem (taking holes into account and sitting in common memory dumps)
  • CRIT show
    • decodes socket's states and types and task's states into strings
    • prints unix sockets names in more human-readable form


  • Unix sockets' names appeared in logs with mistakes
  • Contents of SysVIPC shmem segments was dumped twice
  • Dumping of any memory segment more than 4Gigs failed
  • Migration of unaligned SysvSHM segment on Armv7 failed


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