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Released: 11 Dec 2012
GIT tag: v0.3

New features[edit]

  • C/R of shell jobs
  • Handle files, that are opened and unlinked, but some other hard link exists
  • More SOL_SOCKET socket options. Two most interesting are:
    • Binding socket to device (SO_BINDTODEVICE)
    • Per-socket packet filter (SO_ATTACH_FILTER)
  • Shutdown state of a socket
  • Task scheduler parameters (nice, policy and prio)
  • Properly handle COW pages
  • Memory mapped packet sockets (with SOL- options this is enough for tcpdump tool support)
  • Complementary groups (getgroups(2))
  • Various mapping features, configured with madvise(2)
  • Tune TCP sockets support to work with IPv6 sockets
  • Closed (or not yet connected/bound) unix sockets

Bug fixes and improvements[edit]

  • Print timestamps in log files
  • Restructure source tree a little
    • PIE stuff in separate dir
    • Arch-specific code in arch/<Arch>/ directory
  • Nicer show -c output for pages/pipes/etc contents
  • Fixes in help text
  • Save and restore blocked signals mask for threads
  • Don't dump (and warn about it) corked UDP sockets
  • Fixed livelocks when restoring too big socket queues
  • Refresh info about sockets, that might have changed between diag dump and actual process freeze
  • Lost file params and socket options for some unix sockets
  • Fix inotify on opened and unlinked files
  • Fix shared anonymous memory detection
  • Properly close all files before restoring them
  • Fixes in running external tools (ip/tar)
  • Several fixes in control tty restoring code
  • RT signals handlers dumped and restored