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What CRtools is

CRtools is an utility to checkpoint/restore process tree. Unlike checkpoint/restore implemented completely in kernel space, it tries to achieve the same target operating in user space. Since the tools and overall concept are still under heavy development stage there are some known limitations applied

  1. Only pure x86-64 environment is supported, no IA32 emulation allowed.
  2. There is no way to use cgroups freezer facility yet.
  3. No IPC checkpoint/restore supported, and network is under hard development stage.

Download crtools

The crtools utility itself is hosted at github. Clone this repo to test new functionality.

Also crtools requires some additional patches to be applied on the linux kernel (on top of v3.2-rc6 to be precise).

So clone linux-2.6-crtools.git, checkout crtools branch and compile the kernel.

Configure the linux kernel

Make sure you have the following options turned on

  • General setup -> Checkpoint/restore support (CONFIG_CHECKPOINT_RESTORE)
  • Networking support -> Networking options -> Unix domain sockets -> UNIX: socket monitoring interface (CONFIG_UNIX_DIAG)
  • Processor type and features -> Enable generic object ID infrastructure (CONFIG_GENERIC_OBJECT_ID)

Note you might have to enable

  • General setup -> Configure standard kernel features (expert users) (CONFIG_EXPERT)

option, which depends on

  • General setup -> Embedded system (CONFIG_EMBEDDED)

(welcome to Kconfig reverse chains hell).