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== Wayland/Weston ==
== Wayland/Weston ==
{{Status|under investigation}}
{{Status|under investigation}}
* Ruslan Kuprieiev plans to [http://lists.openvz.org/pipermail/criu/2015-January/018875.html patch] the X-server to let CRIU C/R graphical apps
* Ruslan Kuprieiev plans to [http://lists.openvz.org/pipermail/criu/2015-January/018875.html patch] Weston to let CRIU C/R graphical apps

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CRIU is not so easy to be used as a standalone tool -- it works best integrated into other software. This page lists such software and provides details about the current status.


Status: in progress

Currently, vzctl supports CRIU for checkpoint/restore of upstream containers (i.e. when non-OpenVZ kernel is used). Commands vzctl suspend and vzctl restore fully work. Live migration doesn't work yet as it requires support for vzctl suspend {--suspend, --dump, --kill, --restore} which is not yet implemented as it requires a separate daemon to hold the state of a partially checkpointed container (or an ability from criu tool to do that).


Status: ready


Status: in progress

CoreOS Rocket

Status: not started


Status: stalled

  • Adrian Reber did first version of patches


Status: under investigation

  • Ruslan Kuprieiev plans to patch Weston to let CRIU C/R graphical apps