LPC 2018 Hackathon

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After Linux Plumbers Conference 2018 in Vancouver we are planing to have a CRIU hackathon.

We have reserved the Large Meeting Room (8-10 people) at the L'Atelier Vancouver on Friday 2018-11-16.

Following persons have shown interest to join so far:

  • Mike Rapoport
  • Pavel Emelyanov
  • Adrian Reber
  • Andy Tucker
  • Radostin Stoyanov


  1. Describe how to use CRIU configs with Docker (asciinema).
  2. Fix lazy-migration fails in CI.
  3. Lazy restore and migration for shared memory.
  4. runc lazy migration interface (runc#1541).
  5. Lazy-pages RPC to support 4.
  6. Time-namespace.
  7. C/R ia32 processes on AMD (criu#398).