LPC 2018 Hackathon

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After Linux Plumbers Conference 2018 in Vancouver we are planing to have a CRIU hackathon.

We have reserved the Large Meeting Room (8-10 people) at the L'Atelier Vancouver on Friday 2018-11-16.

Following persons have shown interest to join so far:

  • Mike Rapoport
  • Pavel Emelyanov
  • Adrian Reber
  • Andy Tucker
  • Radostin Stoyanov


  1. Describe how to use CRIU configs with Docker (asciinema).
  2. Fix lazy-migration fails in CI.
  3. Lazy restore and migration for shared memory.
  4. runc lazy migration interface (runc#1541).
  5. Lazy-pages RPC to support 4.
  6. Time-namespace.
  7. C/R ia32 processes on AMD (criu#398).
  8. runc configuration file support
  9. runc and go-criu
  10. Design and implementation paper.
  11. Status of criu.org and other criu infrastructure.
  12. Automated tool for sending github pull requests to mailing list.
  13. Google summer of code 2019
  14. Code of Conduct ;-)