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The project logo is a firebird (Russian: жар-птица) and the word CRIU written in an early cyrillic-like font.

The firebird is chosen as the Slavic analogy of a phoenix, which in turn can dump itself into ashes and restore back from it. The Slavic style (both the bird and the font) is chosen to emphasize the Russian roots of the project, specially denoted by Andrew Morton.


Download Description Preview
CRIU.svg SVG, 15K  
CRIU-560px.png PNG, 560x560, 50K  
criu_88x31.gif GIF, 88x31 button, 2K  

2016 T-shirt

Here are the source images for the 2016 t-shirt design. Those were made by taking bitmap pictures from the web, tweaking with them in GIMP to increase the contrast, and finally tracingin Inkscape to convert to vector. With some trial and error, here's what we ended up with:

Download Description Preview
2_1_Steel_Lapwing.svg 2.1 "Steel Lapwing"  
2_2_Carbon_Nightingale.svg 2.2 "Carbon Nightingale"  
2_3_Wooden_Duck.svg 2.3 "Wooden Duck"  
2_4_Marble_Lark.svg 2.4 "Marble Lark"  
2_5_Concrete_Oriole.svg 2.5 "Concrete Oriole"  
2_6_Paper_Crane.svg 2.6 "Paper Crane"  
All in one, version 1  
All in one, version 2