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* proc: don't show nonexistent capabilities ?
* proc: don't show nonexistent capabilities ?
* ptrace sigmask extension
* ptrace sigmask extension [http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.man/4214 patch]
* ptrace peek-siginfo extension
* ptrace peek-siginfo extension [http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.man/4214 patch]
=== skinsbursky@ ===
=== skinsbursky@ ===

Revision as of 16:14, 26 July 2013

Since CRIU have patches in kernel that add/modify userspace API, such changes need to be reflected in the official man-pages package (which lives at http://git.kernel.org/?p=docs/man-pages/man-pages.git). So let's track the status here.


Manpage Description Version Status
man-pages: 98ef180325 kcmp system call v3.46 merged
man-pages: 69287cb678 prctl SET_MM extension v3.39 merged
man-pages: b4bd57d56d prctl PR_GET_TID_ADDRESS extension v3.48 merged
man-pages: 83e03f72cb socket SO_BINDTODEVICE option v3.48 merged
man-pages: 5048ae1ffe RTM_NEWLINK message v3.48 merged
man-pages: b4f89985b9 /proc/[pid]/map_files v3.51 merged
man-pages: 8cd5dce111 SO_PEEK_OFF v3.45 merged

Need to check


  • net dialogue interface (uncluding SOCK_DIAG_BY_FAMILY,NETLINK_SOCK_DIAG) --> man7/netlink.7
  • kernel.ns_last_pid, is kernel docs enough?
  • sockoption -- TCP_REPAIR and etc


  • proc: don't show nonexistent capabilities ?
  • ptrace sigmask extension patch
  • ptrace peek-siginfo extension patch


  • MSG_COPY for IPC


  • tty's TIOCGPKT,TIOCGPTLCK,TIOCGEXCL codes -- there is no man pages for other ioctls code, probably just drop this idea
  • smaps flags in man5/proc.5
  • fdinfo
  • F_GETOWNER_UIDS in fcntl