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Starting from 1.3, CRIU uses the time-driven release model with strict release dates.

Starting from 2.0, the release is once a month from stable (master) branch with whatever is there.

Below you can find specific dates for future and past releases.

Future releases

Date Version / codename
8-9 Mar Vulcanite Rook
Apr Wagtail (this one is planned to be 3.0 with Compel and 32bit tasks C/R)
May Swift
June Hoopoe
July Pelican
August Swan
September Jay

Past releases


Date Version / codename
16 Jan 2.10 "Brass Waxwing"
13 Feb 2.11 "Acrylic Bullfinch"

2016 (2.x)

Date Version and codename
7 Mar 2.0
11 Apr 2.1 "Steel Lapwing"
16 May 2.2 "Carbon Nightingale"
14 Jun 2.3 "Wooden Duck"
11 Jul 2.4 "Marble Lark"
15 Aug 2.5 "Concrete Oriole"
12 Sep 2.6 "Paper Crane"
17 Oct 2.7 "Rubber Owl"
14 Nov 2.8 "Bronze Siskin"
12 Dec 2.9 "Silk Tit"

Older (1.x, 0.x)


See also

  • Download/criu for the list of all releases, dates, and changelogs