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protocol buffer C binding can be found at
Then run <code>make</code> in the sources root. Please, note, that the tool only supportes x86_66 supports x86_64 and ARM architectures.
== Kernel configuration ==
In the future we can start working on some new kernel stuff for CRIU. In that case we will first put this into a the staging repository at [;a=summary linux-cr.git] ([ linux-cr-rpi.git] for [ Raspberry Pi]), so that anyone can checkout the latest branch and compile the kernel.
The iproute2 tool version 3.5.0 or higher is needed for dumping network namespaces.
The latest one can be cloned from the [;a=summary iproute2]. It should be compiled and a path to ip is written in the environment variable <code>CR_IP_TOOL</code>.
== Checking how it works ==

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