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== Restore Prework for External C/R ==
As mentioned earlier, by default Docker uses supports many storage drivers (AKA graph drivers) includingAUFS to set up , Btrfs, ZFS, DeviceMapper, OverlayFS, and VFS. The user canspecify his/her desired storage driver via the<code>DOCKER_DRIVER</code>container'environment variable or the <code>-s filesystem(--storage-driver)</code> commandline option. Currently C/R can only be done on containers using either AUFS, OverlayFS, or VFS.In the following example, we assume AUFS.  When Docker notices that the process container hasexited (due to CRIU dump), it dismantles the container's filesystem. We needto set up the container'sfilesystem again before attempting to restore.
== An External C/R Example ==

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