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Add support for checkpoint/restore of CORK-ed UDP socket
=== Add support for checkpoint/restore of CORK-ed UDP socket ===
'''Summary:''' TODO: Short description Support C/R of the projectcorked UDP socket
TODOThere's UDP_CORK option for sockets. As man page says: Detailed description <pre> If this option is enabled, then all data output on this socket is accumulated into a single datagram that is transmitted when the option is disabled. This option should not be used in code intended to be portable.</pre> Currently criu refuses to dump this case, so it's effectively a bug. Supportingthis will need extending the kernel API to allow criu read back the write queueof the projectsocket (see [[TCP connection|how it's done]] for TCP sockets, for example). Thenthe queue is written into the image and is restored into the socket (with the CORKbit set too).
* Wiki links to relevant material[[Sockets]], [[TCP connection]]* External links to mailing lists or web sites[[!topic/comp.os.linux.networking/Uz8PYiTCZSg UDP cork explained]]
* Skill level: beginner or intermediate or advanced(+linux kernel)
* Language: C
* Mentor: Pavel Emelianov <>
* Suggested by: Pavel Emelianov <>
=== Optimize the pre-dump algorithm ===