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Here is a list of results in attempts to checkpoint/resume containers with vzctl + criu bundle running on vanilla 3.13 kernel. Note the tests were done with Andrey Vagin patches applied to vzctl: "hook_ct: remove the non-working with devpts", "hook_ct: bind mount the host /dev directory in CT". Also the vz configs require LOCAL_UID="0" and LOCAL_GID="0" (also no net features were used).

template start
status comments
centos-6 [1] + +/- drop udev as "rpm -e udev --nodeps" in container (as Andrew explained, because we don't support user-namespace the udev might generate ADD events which do not reach container but hit the node itself causing weird effects on host system
fedora-20 [2] + - (00.037318) Error (namespaces.c:155): Can't dump nested mnt namespace for 2640
ubuntu-10.04-minimal [3] + + -
arch [4] + - starts with warning "Failed to get D-Bus connection: No connection to service manager", suspend fails with "Error (files-reg.c:529): Unaccessible path opened 5:5354, need 64257:311335"
debian-7-minimal [5] + - in-progress (00.187218) Error (mount.c:548): Can't bind-mount 47:/run to /tmp/cr-tmpfs.L1kDQI: No such file or directory
oracle-6 [6] + + -
owl-3 [7] + - (00.082286) Error (sk-unix.c:173): Unix socket 0x9071 not found
scientific-6-x86_64-20131201 [8] + + -
slackware-13.37-x86_64-minimal [9] + - (00.079770) Error (sk-unix.c:220): Unix socket 0xb914 without peer 0xb4ac
suse-9.3 [10] - - Failed to mount /sys: No such file or directory. Can't rmdir vzctl-old-root.9eSTPo: Device or resource busy