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| crtools/kernel || timers || xemul@ || - ||  
| crtools/kernel || timers || xemul@ || - ||  
| crtools/zdtm || sigactions zdtm test || avagin@ || - ||

Revision as of 11:18, 27 January 2012

component task assignee status comments
kernel children entry in procfs gorcunov@ sent-for-review -
crtools Sockets dump/restore xemul@/gorcunov@ partially implemented Sockets
kernel/crtools socket queues dump xemul@ in progress prototype exists, need to send
crtools UDP sockets support Adrian Reber in progress? need to utilize the udp diag subsys
kernel/crtools TCP sockets support xemul@ - have no idea :(
crtools Unix in-flight connections support gorcunov@ - need to use the ICONS diag field
kernel kernel object IDs gorcunov@ sent-for-review Concept is changed. IDs are substituted with kcmp syscall.
crtools Fix memory checkpointing - not implemented Memory dumping and restoring
kernel/crtools Fix mincore bits xemul@ sent-for-review -
kernel/crtools Rework and submit MINCORE_ANON xemul@ sent-for-review -
kernel/crtools Implement MINCORE_SWAP - swapped pages are skipped by us currently xemul@ sent-for-review -
kernel/crtools Fix shared regions migration gorcunov@ - -
crtools Learn to work with shared struct file-s avagin@ done depends on "object IDs". Need to send file via unix socket
kernel/crtools Learn to work with namespaces (ipc and net are of the most interest) gorcunov@ not implemented depends on "object IDs"
crtools Shared objects (mm/fs/fdtable) support avagin@ not implemented depends on "object IDs"
kernel Provide own defconfig gorcunov@ not implemented suggested by avagin@
crtools Dump restoration logs to per-pid log file avagin@/gorcunov@ - Otherwise there's a mess with on-screen flood
crtools Task IDs -- gid/suid/sid/fsid/etc. gorcunov@ - -
crtools Task's ignored signals mask gorcunov@ - -
crtools Rework dump_one_reg_file to use fhandles - - This is required to work with overmounted files and not to store the long file path (will not work with rsync-ed private :( )
crtools terminals - - -
crtools Add make check so tests are automated - - -
crtools IPC - - -
crtools IPC namespace skinsbursky - -
crtools man-page gorcunov@ - -
crtools fix broken comm (after restore) gorcunov@ - This requires to extend prctl for restore and add output for args in /proc
crtools fix broken exe (after restore) gorcunov@ -
crtools add separate type for futex-s avagin@ -
crtools/kernel timers xemul@ -
crtools/zdtm sigactions zdtm test avagin@ -