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component task assignee comments
crtools/kernel memory snapshot xemul@ need to take mem snapshot in kernel for iterative migration, (probably) rebootless upgrade and HA
crtools restore in namespace - having images taken from live app, need to restore them inside newly created namespace. For PID we'd have to provide our own init, for NET -- setup some veth.
crtools TCP socket migration with changed IP xemul@ it might make sense to migrate a tcp connection on a box with changed IP address _if_ both boxes are NAT-ed to the destination. We will then have to go to NAT box and fix the conntracks, but this might make sense.
crtools Apply-images mode xemul@ Think about ability to take images and apply them to a living task(s). E.g. -- repopulate fdtable according to data from image. Another use-case -- when doing partial migration we'll need to modify one part to switch from pipes to sockets
crtools Modify restored resources run-time xemul@ Need (probably) some way to alter what is being restored. Usage example -- change the IP address of sockets from task above.
crtools partial migration - migrate some tasks while proxying IPC to existing others (pipes->sockets, etc.)
crtools Shared objects (mm/fs/fdtable) support avagin@ Now we have the kcmp syscall and can do it. The first candidate is mm sharing, as we do know, that MySQL does so sometimes.
kernel Provide own defconfig gorcunov@ suggested by avagin@
crtools Paranoid dumping and restoring - Make paranoid checks for what we dump. E.g. pgid being valid (withing session) and fds drained from parasite are valid
kernel Proc fdinfo extension gorcunov@ Need to rework and resubmit the patches
kernel/crtools posix timers skinsbursky@ Need new kernel API for a) listing existing timers and b) fetching timer notify configuration.
crtools Smart paths resolution - Need a way to resolve paths to overmounted files. There are two ways: 1. Move mounts, that overlap the desired path temprarily. 2. When creating a new mount pre-open an fd keeping the mountpoint. Later, do accurate path resolve and call openat() on proper mountpoint fd
kernel/crtools TCP connection fixup - When we turn repair off a window probe is sent by kernel. It can be lost and we leave with stuck connection. Plus, the keepalive timer isn't rearmed on repaired socket connect, probably this is the way to solve this.
crtools Iptables - This is easy. Need to run ipdables-save and iptables-restore
kernel/crtools Auto namespaces detection - Now we "detect" them by looking at cmdline options
crtools Migration w/o intermediate disk Adrian Reber -
kernel/crtools TUN/TAP - -
kernel/crtools tcpdump xemul@ The diag modules extensions are on their way to net-next. Next is -- socket filters
vzkernel/crtools OpenVZ kernel support - Within 3.5 and RHEL7 port
crtools More sockoptions xemul@ SOL_ are mostly done
crtools Bridges in container -
crtools cgroups in container -
crtools/kernel NFS -
crtools/kernel VDSO - issues: VDSO may change between kernels; vsyscall may change between kernels; VDSO mapping should be VDSO mapping, not regular one
crtools Unmap a restorer VMA - Lots of ideas were generated so far.
crtools file locks - It's hard to do it carefully. We need to make sure that all lock users are taken into dump. Only support it inside container?
crtools rlimits - -
crtools shutdown for inet sockets - There will probably be issues with TCP :( The tcp_shutdown doesn't look at repair being set