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component task complexity potential/willing assignee comments
crtools Restore tasks into fresh new pid namespace easy - A thing to worry about is this new namespace's init task.
crtools Rollback tree state medium -
crtools AIO with pending events medium -
crtools restore mountpoints hard - -
crtools lazy migration using userfaultd medium xemul -
crtools dump tasks from cgroup easy - Currently criu dumps a subtree from given pid
crtools speed up logging medium Cyrill Synchronous formatting and writes to log files slow things down (Logging)
crtools sanitize logging messages hard - Currently log messages are placed w/o any logic. Need to improve that ... somehow.
crtools support OFD posix locks easy -
crtools optimize kcmp calls medium - For fs/fdt/vm/etc we can pre-generate ID based on objects that live on them. If pre-ID matches, then call kcmp.
crtools Shmem changes tracking medium -
crtools Page transfer filters medium Ruslan Kuprieiev Packing or encrypting the data would be nice. Maybe it's purely for P.Haul?
crtools FUSE hard -
crtools 32-bit tasks hard Cyrill
crtools Support one of MPI implementations hard Adrian Reber worth starting with OpenMPI
crtools Generate task's core file out of images medium Ruslan Kuprieiev CRIT
crtools Modify restored resources run-time medium - CRIT Need (probably) some way to alter what is being restored. Usage example -- change the IP address of sockets from task above.
crtools TCP socket migration with changed IP medium - CRIT it might make sense to migrate a tcp connection on a box with changed IP address _if_ both boxes are NAT-ed to the destination. We will then have to go to NAT box and fix the conntracks, but this might make sense.
crtools Applying images hard xemul@ w/ students Think about ability to take images and apply them to a living task(s). E.g. -- repopulate fdtable according to data from image. Another use-case -- when doing partial migration we'll need to modify one part to switch from pipes to sockets
crtools Partial migration hard - migrate some tasks while proxying IPC to existing others (pipes->sockets, etc.)
crtools Shared objects (mm/fs) support medium - Now we have the kcmp syscall and can do it. The first candidate is mm sharing, as we do know, that MySQL does so sometimes.
crtools Smart paths resolution hard - Need a way to resolve paths to overmounted files. There are two ways: 1. Move mounts, that overlap the desired path temprarily. 2. When creating a new mount pre-open an fd keeping the mountpoint. Later, do accurate path resolve and call openat() on proper mountpoint fd
kernel/crtools TCP repair fixes hard - TCP repair TODO
crtools Bridges in container medium -
crtools VLANs in containers medium -
crtools PPP support medium -
crtools/kernel DelayFS for NFS/Fuse migration hard -
kernel Seamless kernel upgrade hard xemul
crtools/kernel NFS hard - Probably depends on DelayFS
crtools Validate .img files easy - CRIT For a given set of image files check, that they are in "restorable" shape
crtools Restore a process tree hard - Need to restore any process tree, which could be created with help PR_SET_CHILD_SUBREAPER and CLONE_PARENT. Processes can share other resources clone(2). Look at session02
crtools X app hard - Dump/restore of graphical applications(Maybe worth switching to Wayland?)
crtools Wayland app hard - Dump/restore of a graphical application. Require mods from compositors(worth starting with Weston) to get\set state. Here are some talks on #wayland.
crtools/kernel Undo semaphores medium Cyrill Gorcunov Require mods from both sides -- criu and kernel
crtools More detailed RPC fail codes easy - Currently only 3 typical errors are reported(see include/cr-errno.h)
kernel/criu fsnotify queues hard - Fsnotify