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component task assignee status comments
crtools partially unlinked files xemul@ - files whose fd's name is unlinked, but link count is !0
crtools Shared objects (mm/fs/fdtable) support avagin@ not implemented depends on "object IDs"
kernel Provide own defconfig gorcunov@ not implemented suggested by avagin@
crtools Rework dump_one_reg_file to use fhandles - - This is required to work with overmounted files and not to store the long file path (will not work with rsync-ed private :( )
crtools terminals gorcunov@ in progress -
crtools parasite-markers gorcunov@ in progress parasite code should be marked to not dump it twice on subsequent c/r (uuid based solution, I've a draft version of uuid gens and such)
crtools paranoid dumping and restoring - - make paranoiad checks for what we dump. E.g. pgid being valid (withing session) and fds drained from parasite are valid
crtools paths resolution relative to mnt ns root, chroot, etc. avagin@ in progress -
kernel fdinfo extension gorcunov@ in progress Need to rework and resubmit the patches