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component task assignee status comments
kernel prctl codes gorcunov@ done in -mm tree
kernel children entry in procfs gorcunov@ in-progress -
kernel mm-struct fields gorcunov@ done -mm tree
crtools pipes restoration avagin@ done -
crtools shrink signal image gorcunov@ done - web infrastructure kolyshkin@ done -
crtools cwd avagin@ done -
crtools unix-sockets dump/restore gorcunov@ not implemented -
kernel slab-ids gorcunov@ sent-for-review -
crtools Learn to work with unix sockets gorcunov@ not implemented -
crtools Fix shmem checkpointing - now it's dumped for every task, but should - for every shmem ID gorcunov@ not implemented -
kernel/crtools Fix mincore bits xemul@ sent-for-review -
kernel/crtools Rework and submit MINCORE_ANON xemul@ sent-for-review -
kernel/crtools Implement MINCORE_SWAP - swapped pages are skipped by us currently gorcunov@ sent-for-review -
kernel/crtools Learn to work with shared struct file-s gorcunov@ not implemented -
kernel/crtools Learn to work with namespaces (ipc and net are of the most interest) gorcunov@ not implemented -