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List of commits we have in (or need for) mainline kernel for C/R functionality.

Commit Description Version Status
linux-cr: 7773fbc5418 procfs: make proc_get_link to use dentry instead of inode v3.3 merged
linux-cr: 640708a2cff procfs: introduce the /proc/<pid>/map_files/ directory v3.3 merged
linux-cr: 067bce1a06c c/r: introduce CHECKPOINT_RESTORE symbol v3.3 merged
linux-cr: 028ee4be34a c/r: prctl: add PR_SET_MM codes to set up mm_struct entries v3.3 merged
linux-cr: 5b172087f99 c/r: procfs: add start_data, end_data, start_brk members to /proc/$pid/stat v4 v3.3 merged
linux-cr: b8f566b04d3 sysctl: add the kernel.ns_last_pid control v3.3 merged
net-next: c9da99e647 unix_diag: Fixup RQLEN extension report v3.3 merged
net-next: 885ee74d5d af_unix: Move CINQ/COUTQ code to helpers v3.3 merged
net-next: 257b529876 unix_diag: Add the MEMINFO extension v3.3 merged
net-next: c0636faa53 inet_diag: Add the SKMEMINFO extension v3.3 merged
net-next: 5d2e5f274f sock_diag: Introduce the meminfo nla core (v2) v3.3 merged
net-next: 288461e154 unix_diag: Include unix_diag.h into header-y target v3.3 merged
net-next: e6fe2371bd sock_diag: Arrange sock_diag.h such that it is exportable to userspace v3.3 merged
net-next: e09e9d189b unix: If we happen to find peer NULL when diag dumping, write zero. v3.3 merged
net-next: 3b0723c12e unix_diag: Fix incoming connections nla length v3.3 merged
net-next: 2ea744a583 net: unix -- Add missing module.h inclusion v3.3 merged
net-next: 5d531aaa64 unix_diag: Write it into kbuild v3.3 merged
net-next: cbf391958a unix_diag: Receive queue lenght NLA v3.3 merged
net-next: 2aac7a2cb0 unix_diag: Pending connections IDs NLA v3.3 merged
net-next: ac02be8d96 unix_diag: Unix peer inode NLA v3.3 merged
net-next: 5f7b056946 unix_diag: Unix inode info NLA v3.3 merged
net-next: f5248b48a6 unix_diag: Unix socket name NLA v3.3 merged
net-next: 5d3cae8bc3 unix_diag: Dumping exact socket core v3.3 merged
net-next: 45a96b9be6 unix_diag: Dumping all sockets core v3.3 merged
net-next: 22931d3b90 unix_diag: Basic module skeleton v3.3 merged
net-next: fa7ff56f75 af_unix: Export stuff required for diag module v3.3 merged
net-next: f65c1b534b sock_diag: Generalize requests cookies managements v3.3 merged
net-next: aec8dc62f6 sock_diag: Fix module netlink aliases v3.3 merged
net-next: e7c466e58e sock_diag: Move the SOCK_DIAG_BY_FAMILY cmd declaration v3.3 merged
net-next: 86e62ad6b2 udp_diag: Fix the !ipv6 case v3.3 merged
net-next: b872a2371f udp_diag: Make it module when ipv6 is a module v3.3 merged
net-next: 507dd7961e udp_diag: Wire the udp_diag module into kbuild v3.3 merged
net-next: b6d640c228 udp_diag: Implement the dump-all functionality v3.3 merged
net-next: a925aa00a5 udp_diag: Implement the get_exact dumping functionality v3.3 merged
net-next: 52b7c59bc3 udp_diag: Basic skeleton v3.3 merged
net-next: fce823381e udp: Export code sk lookup routines v3.3 merged
net-next: 1942c518ca inet_diag: Generalize inet_diag dump and get_exact calls v3.3 merged
net-next: 3c4d05c805 inet_diag: Introduce the inet socket dumping routine v3.3 merged
net-next: 8d07d1518a inet_diag: Introduce the byte-code run on an inet socket v3.3 merged
net-next: efb3cb428d inet_diag: Split inet_diag_get_exact into parts v3.3 merged
net-next: 476f7dbff3 inet_diag: Split inet_diag_get_exact into parts v3.3 merged
net-next: b005ab4ef8 inet_diag: Export inet diag cookie checking routine v3.3 merged
net-next: 87c22ea52e inet_diag: Reduce the number of args for bytecode run routine v3.3 merged
net-next: 7b35eadd7e inet_diag: Remove indirect sizeof from inet diag handlers v3.3 merged
net-next: 8ef874bfc7 sock_diag: Move the sock_ code to net/core/ v3.3 merged
net-next: a029fe26b6 inet_diag: Cleanup type2proto last user v3.3 merged
net-next: d23deaa07b inet_diag: Introduce socket family checks v3.3 merged
net-next: 25c4cd2b6d inet_diag: Switch the _dump to work with new header v3.3 merged
net-next: fe50ce2846 inet_diag: Switch the _get_exact to work with new header v3.3 merged
net-next: 126fdc3249 inet_diag: Introduce new inet_diag_req header v3.3 merged
net-next: d366477a52 sock_diag: Initial skeleton v3.3 merged
net-next: f13c95f0e2 inet_diag: Switch from _GETSOCK to IPPROTO_ numbers v3.3 merged
net-next: 37f352b5e3 inet_diag: Move byte-code finding up the call-stack v3.3 merged
net-next: 8d34172dfd sock_diag: Introduce new message type v3.3 merged
cyrillos: f73731c8cb fs, proc: Introduce /proc/<pid>/task/<tid>/children entry v9 v3.5 merged
cyrillos: d607d3d354 c/r: procfs: add arg_start/end, env_start/end and exit_code members v3.5 merged
cyrillos: 69a2769368 c/r: prctl: Extend PR_SET_MM to set up more mm_struct entries v3.5 merged
cyrillos: 951bc60c6a syscalls, x86: Add __NR_kcmp syscall v3.5 merged
cyrillos: c561e512db c/r: prctl: Add ability to set new mm_struct::exe_file v3.5 merged
cyrillos: 1f5b51bd70 prctl: Use CAP_SYS_RESOURCE for PR_SET_MM option v3.3 merged
cyrillos: 4777762e3e prctl: add ability to get clear_tid_address v3.5 merged
cyrillos: e95f3a8983 datagram: Factor out sk queue referencing v3.4 merged
cyrillos: fce2904d08 datagram: Add offset argument to __skb_recv_datagram v3.4 merged
cyrillos: a93f021317 skb: Add skb_peek_next helper v3.4 merged
cyrillos: 823a8b21b6 sock: Introduce the SO_PEEK_OFF sock option v3.4 merged
cyrillos: 31088b4b27 unix: Support peeking offset for datagram and seqpacket sockets v3.4 merged
cyrillos: d2aa807184 unix: Support peeking offset for stream sockets v3.4 merged
cyrillos: 0321cc7413 fcntl: Add F_GETOWNER_UIDS option v3 v3.6 merged
cyrillos: 414eaa6b89 c/r: prctl: Simplify PR_SET_MM on mm::code/data assignment v3.5 merged
cyrillos: 60647b9985 c/r: prctl: Return -EFAULT instead of -EINVAL in case if underlied VMA is not found v3.5 merged
cyrillos: 4f771d8b13 tcp: Move code around v3.5 merged
cyrillos: ff8fd29cb0 tcp: Initial repair mode v3.5 merged
cyrillos: e1d48c5d00 tcp: Repair socket queues v3.5 merged
cyrillos: 92429984b7 tcp: Report mss_clamp with TCP_MAXSEG option in repair mode v3.5 merged
cyrillos: f3c5434ed2 tcp: Repair connection-time negotiated parameters v3.5 merged
cyrillos: 91a74f5d72 tcp repair: Fix unaligned access when repairing options (v2) v3.5 merged
cyrillos: 7562932529 c/r: prctl: Drop VMA flags test on PR_SET_MM_ stack data assignment v3.5 merged
cyrillos: 43ccb1071e c/r: fs, proc: Move children entry back to tid_base_stuff v3.5 merged
cyrillos: c0742755b1 proc/pid/pagemap: correctly report non-present ptes and holes between… v3.5 merged
cyrillos: ea4ba3b144 proc: report file/anon bit in /proc/pid/pagemap v3.5 merged
cyrillos: 795b561147 proc/smaps: show amount of nonlinear ptes in vma v3.5 merged
linux-cr: eaffc5d915 net: Dont use ifindices in hash fns v3.7 merged
linux-cr: eefa1367e9 net: Allow to create links with given ifindex v3.7 merged
linux-cr: 128bba6e40 veth: Allow to create peer link with given ifindex v3.7 merged
linux-cr: bda68c4946 net: Make ifindex generation per-net namespace v3.7 merged
linux-cr: 5365dd272a net: Loopback ifindex is constant now v3.7 merged
linux-cr: b6df96a352 Add missing hash.h to ndisc.h v3.7 merged
linux-cr: 45b3585c2e procfs: Move /proc/pid/fd[info] handling code to fd.[ch] v3.7 merged
linux-cr: 1374bb1a38 procfs: Convert /proc/pid/fdinfo/ handling routines to seq-file v3.7 merged
linux-cr: 6efc68b1f1 procfs: Add ability to plug in auxiliary fdinfo providers v3.8 merged
linux-cr: c5a678f82c fs, eventfd: Add procfs fdinfo helper v3.8 merged
linux-cr: 50c673026f fs, epoll: Add procfs fdinfo helper v2 v3.8 merged
linux-cr: dd4c1dacce fs, exportfs: Add export_encode_inode_fh helper v3.8 merged
linux-cr: 15ac9a0ed8 fs, notify: Add procfs fdinfo helper v3 v3.8 merged
linux-cr: e86d442de4 fdinfo: Show sigmask for signalfd fd v3.8 merged
linux-cr: 7510a2d823 fs, fanotify: Add missing pieses in fdinfo for ability to call fanotify_init v3.8 merged
linux-cr: d3731f8992 fs, fanotify: Add @mflags field to fanotify output v3.8 merged
linux-cr: 7cc5de9a6f packet: Introduce net/packet/internal.h header v3.7 merged
linux-cr: 5b3ba1656e packet: Diag core and basic socket info dumping v3.7 merged
linux-cr: 3d77e0bf0a packet: Report more packet sk info via diag module v3.7 merged
linux-cr: 1d856d68d2 packet: Report socket mclist info via diag module v3.7 merged
linux-cr: 01e89616dd packet: Report rings cfg via diag engine v3.7 merged
linux-cr: af14e8c6d8 packet: Report fanout status via diag engine v3.7 merged
linux-cr: ea66e7e61e packet: Protect packet sk list with mutex (v2) v3.7 merged
linux-cr: abc04fc95e kernel: limit a value of ns_last_pid to (0, max_pid) v3.6 merged
linux-cr: 0f5ec8960c tcp: restore rcv_wscale in a repair mode (v2) v3.6 merged
linux-cr: cbc3004a05 proc: check vma->vm_file before dereferencing v3.7 merged
linux-cr: 580c10c2ed sockopt: Make SO_BINDTODEVICE readable v3.8 merged
linux-cr: 5b40ab1277 sock-diag: Report shutdown for inet and unix sockets (v2) v3.8 merged
linux-cr: 3ab20407c7 procfs: add VmFlags field in smaps output v3.8 merged
linux-cr: 1c3525705a tty: pty - Move TIOCPKT handling into pty.c v3.8 merged
linux-cr: a1e6513a52 tty, ioctls -- Add new ioctl definitions for tty flags fetching v3.8 merged
linux-cr: 4d1c1f7d21 tty: Add get- ioctls to fetch tty status v3 v3.8 merged
linux-cr: dcd5a94951 sk-filter: Add ability to get socket filter program (v2) v3.8 merged
linux-cr: 7568812e61 net: inet_diag -- Return error code if protocol handler is missed v3.7 merged
linux-cr: 63488c2cb3 tcp-repair: Handle zero-length data put in rcv queue v3.7 merged
linux-cr: 7102e32b44 tcp: fix retransmission in repair mode v3.7 merged
linux-cr: 8bd86bded1 ipv6: adapt connect for repair move v3.8 merged
linux-cr: dadfb7819b sockopt: Change getsockopt() of SO_BINDTODEVICE to return an interface name v3.8 merged
torvalds: 3fcfe78658 ipc: add more comments to message copying related code v3.8 merged
torvalds: 51eeacaa07 ipc: simplify message copying v3.8 merged
torvalds: b30efe2775 ipc: convert prepare_copy() from macro to function v3.8 merged
torvalds: 85398aa8de ipc: simplify free_copy() call v3.8 merged
torvalds: 3a665531a3 selftests: IPC message queue copy feature test v3.8 merged
torvalds: 4a674f34ba ipc: introduce message queue copy feature v3.8 merged
torvalds: f9dd87f473 ipc: message queue receive cleanup v3.8 merged
torvalds: 03f5956680 ipc: add sysctl to specify desired next object id v3.8 merged
torvalds: 9afdacda02 ipc: remove forced assignment of selected message v3.8 merged
linux-cr: f67042f384 arm: Wire up kcmp syscall v3.10 merged
torvalds: 1e142b29e2 kcmp: make it depend on CHECKPOINT_RESTORE v3.9 merged
linux-cr: 95277606be tcp: adding a per-socket timestamp offset v3.9 merged
linux-cr: 2adff9a2b8 tcp: set and get per-socket timestamp v3.9 merged
linux-cr: c1b2dcfd8e tcp: send packets with a socket timestamp v3.9 merged
torvalds: 66dd34ad signal: allow to send any siginfo to itself v3.9 merged
linux-cr: abe2d69c skb: Propagate pfmemalloc on skb from head page only v3.10 merged
linux-cr: 88c0eb57 net: fix *_DIAG_MAX constants v3.9 merged
torvalds: 0f29c768 net: prepare netlink code for netlink diag v3.10 merged
torvalds: eaaa3139 netlink: Diag core and basic socket info dumping (v2) v3.10 merged
torvalds: 84c751bd ptrace: add ability to retrieve signals without removing from a queue (v4) v3.10 merged
torvalds: 040fa020 clear_refs: Sanitize accepted commands declaration v3.11 merged
torvalds: af9de7eb clear_refs: Introduce private struct for mm_walk v3.11 merged
torvalds: 2b0a9f01 pagemap-introduce-pagemap_entry_t-without-pmshift-bits v3.11 merged
torvalds: 0f8975ec mm: soft-dirty bits for user memory changes tracking v3.11 merged
torvalds: 541c237c pagemap: prepare to reuse constant bits with page-shift v3.11 merged
torvalds: 57b8015e posix-timers: Show sigevent info in proc file v3.10 merged
torvalds: 48f6a7a5 posix-timers: Introduce /proc/PID/timers file v3.10 merged
torvalds: 5ed67f05 posix timers: Allocate timer id per process (v2) v3.10 merged
torvalds: 15ef0298 posix-timers: Show clock ID in proc file v3.10 merged
torvalds: 29000cae ptrace: add ability to get/set signal-blocked mask (v2) v3.11 merged
torvalds: 274038f8 tun: Report "persist" flag to userspace v3.11 merged
linux-cr: 8d8027ad mm: Save soft-dirty bits on swapped pages v3.11 merged
linux-cr: c468d56e mm: Save soft-dirty bits on file pages v3.11 merged
torvalds: 76975e9c tun: Get skfilter layout v3.12 merged
torvalds: 849c9b6f tun: Allow to skip filter on attach v3.12 merged-
torvalds: 3d407a80 tun: Report whether the queue is attached or not v3.12 merged
torvalds: fb7589a1 tun: Add ability to create tun device with given index v3.12 merged
linux-cr: 2cafdead tcp: don't apply tsoffset if rcv_tsecr is zero v3.11 merged
linux-cr: 85f70a00 tcp: initialize rcv_tstamp for restored sockets v3.11 merged
linux-cr: 81841048 tcp: set timestamps for restored skb-s v3.11 merged
linux-cr: 6dec97dc mm: move_ptes -- Set soft dirty bit depending on pte type v3.11 merged
torvalds: c3d16e16 mm: migration -- Do not loose soft dirty bit if page is in migration state v3.12 merged
torvalds: e9cdd6e7 mm: pagemap -- Inspect _PAGE_SOFT_DIRTY only on present pages v3.12 merged
torvalds: dbde4979 tcp: don't update snd_nxt, when a socket is switched from repair mode v3.13 merged
torvalds: 34228d47 mm: Ignore VM_SOFTDIRTY on VMA merging v3.13 merged (should go to stable)
linux-cr: aee2517a mm: don't lose the SOFT_DIRTY flag on mprotect - -mm