ZDTM test suite

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ZDTM stands for zero-down-time-migration. It's test suite developed for testing how OpenVZ live migration works. We use this test suite for checking how criu do their job. The suit consists of many small atomic tests -- each puts a process into some "state" (opens a file, maps a memory segment, puts data in a pipe, etc.), then asks to be checkpointed and restored. The in checks that the "state" was preserved (file is still open, memory is still mapped, pipe contains what was put into it).


All zdtm tests

You can run all the tests by:

      make test

or by:


There's a known issue with BTRFS spoiling dev_t values for files and sockets! Not all tests will work on it.

Certain test

You can also run the tests manually by issuing a

      make <testname>.pid

command. After you've done c/r-ing it you should run

      make <testname>.out

and check for the <testname>.out file contents.

If you don't want to mess with this you can use the zdtm.py run script. When launched with the "-a" option runs all the tests one-by-one. The exact test can be specified by the command line argument. The list command lists the tests it can run.