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The --lazy-pages option may be used with dump, restore and page-server actions. Specifying this option enables functionality necessary for lazy memory restore and Lazy migration.

The actual meaning of the --lazy-pages option depends what criu actions has been called with that option.


Perform the dump procedure without writing memory pages into the image files and prepare to service page requests over the network.

When dump runs in this mode it presumes that lazy-pages daemon will connect to it and fetch memory pages in order to lazily inject them into the restored process address space.

This option is intended for post-copy (lazy) migration and should be used in conjunction with restore with appropriate options.


Restore the processes without filling out the entire memory contents.

When this option is used, restore sets up the infrastructure required to fill memory pages either on demand when the process accesses them or in the background without stopping the restored process.

This option requires running lazy-pages daemon.

Page server[edit]

Serve local memory dump to a remote lazy-pages daemon.

In this mode the page-server reads local memory dump and allows the remote lazy-pages daemon to request memory pages in random order.