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Tarball: criu-1.0.tar.bz2
Version: 1.0
Released: 25 Nov 2013
GIT tag: v1.0


  • After --leave-running linked remaps were not cleaned
  • TCP was left locked after --leave-running
  • Weak criteria in memory COW detection
  • Private mapping's premmapped address overwrote file ID
  • Restorer memory could overlap with timers/signals arrays
  • RPC worker reused options from service task
  • Suboptimal memory utilization by restorer arguments
  • TCP unsent/unacked data boundary was lost
  • Wrong dev_t decoding on 64 bit
  • Unpredictable daemons (service and page-service) working dir
  • Parasite stack could be corrupted by its arguments
  • Error from exe link restore was ignored
  • Artificial small limit on the number of shared memory segments to restore
  • Bug in ARM VFP restore
  • VDSO proxy was unmapped at the very end of restore

New features[edit]

  • -W option to specify working dir
  • CHECK request in RPC
  • Optimized headers
  • More info in logs about undumpable files
  • More comments about tricky dump/restore places
  • Generic memory allocation for restorer