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Tarball: criu-1.2.tar.bz2
Version: 1.2
Released: 26 Feb 2014
GIT tag: v1.2

New features[edit]

  • Performance improvements
    • Shared entries in reg-files image
    • Less accesses to /proc/$pid/map_files links
    • Cache for /proc/$pid/pagemap reads
    • VDSO page is seeked only in anonymous mappings
    • Task's auxv is read in one call
    • Merged mm and vma image files for better packing
    • NFS inodes' path resolution (for fsnotify) cache
    • One readlink() call when checking anon inodes
    • Don't dump kernel's zero-page
    • Parse fast /proc/self/maps when searching for hole for restorer
    • A bit faster write into image files with writev()
  • Library versioning
  • RPC API got closer to CLI
  • New "post-restore" call in action scripts
  • Logrotate rules file
  • Default log file for service when starting via systemd


  • A lot for ARM cross-compile
  • Fsnotifies dumping didn't work on NFS
  • Images auto-deduplication only worked one level up
  • Packet socket ID was treated as file-descriptor and close()-d
  • Badly counted pages stats on restore
  • Linked remap name conflict when dump and restore on NFS
  • Sporadic failures in memory draining due to huge pipes used
  • Broken criu show of repeated fields
  • Failure to open mountpoint in foreign pid namespace
  • Unlinked bound unix socket dump error
  • Small memory leak when writing to incremental image(s)
  • Restoring fsnotify for links results in ELOOP
  • Host's PATH is not suitable when execv-ing tar/ip/iptable to restore namespace (workaround, proper fix will be in 1.3)
  • Using subdirs in log file name via RPC breaks security