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Tarball: criu-1.3-rc1.tar.bz2
Version: 1.3-rc1
Released: 25 Apr 2014
GIT tag: v1.3-rc1

New features[edit]

  • AArch64
  • Multiple mount namespaces
  • FPU state restore control
    • Restore old FPU state on newer CPUs
    • Ability to ignore FPU restoration
  • Support stopped multi-threaded tasks
  • CRIU now can execv() other binary right after restore is complete
  • Inode-reverse mapping can be enforced to allow live-migration with FS copying
  • Gold linker can now be used to compile CRIU
  • "Berserker" test to check CRIU scalability
  • Punch pages from mem images on restore (optimizes live-migration)


  • Batched deduplication of memory images
  • Packed rlimits into core image
  • Packed timers into core image


  • Bad checks for kcmp() ret codes resulted in errors in file sharing detection
  • Multiple mmaps of same files with different flags blocked the restore
  • Integer overflow in huge mapping restore caused restoration failure
  • devpts's newinstance option was lost during dump
  • Subsequent dump could try to find old mem dump for newly forked task
  • Bad detection of overmounted mountpoints on fsnotify restore
  • Page-server could read partial message and failed
  • Errors in dumping of two subsequent anon VMAs in some cases
  • Irmap mis-compared devices for disk FSs
  • TMPFS handles always change during dump/restore
  • Pre-dump sometimes hangs on FIFOs
  • Post-restore script fails too late (if does it)