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Tarball: criu-1.7.tar.bz2
Version: 1.7
Released: 7 Sep 2015
GIT tag: v1.7

New features[edit]

  • More flexible CGroups managing on restore
  • Support for seccomp strict mode
  • Support for stream unix sockets inheritance
  • Support uid/gid-restricted mounts in userns
  • Support deleted bind-mounts
  • Freezer cgroups can be used on dump to freeze fast-spawning processes
  • Ability to specify maximum ghost file size
  • OverlayFS support
  • Support relative unix sockets' bind paths
  • In libcriu
    • New set of calls using non-global opts
    • Ability to pass existing connection to service
    • Ability to start criu in swrk mode for all requests
  • Arch-specific improvements
    • Altivec and PSX support for PPC
    • Small PIE loader
    • Preparations for 32-bit x86


  • Temporary proc mountpoint is mounted with nosuid, noexec and nodev
  • Less memory copies when preparing restorer binary
  • CRIT action "show" for less keystrokes on common use-case
  • Fsnotify log messages now use hex everywhere :)
  • CRIT output doesn't mix fields any more


  • CRIU binary couldn't be installed independently from man pages
  • Root dir ignored in install: target
  • Bug in restoring PPC floating point register
  • SYSVIPC shmem was not attached on restore with PPC
  • AIO ring ID was erroneously close()-d
  • After dump+kill tasks remained in zombie states
  • Race in zombies vs proc proxy tasks deaths resulted in restore spurious failure
  • Restore got stuck when CRIU was called with blocked SIGCHILD
  • Wrong page size value could be used on some ARM compilations
  • Potential memory corruption when restoring an LSM profile
  • Opened /dev/kmsg in WRONLY mode failed the restore
  • Weird paths on tmpfs caused tar to fail
  • Temporary cgroup mount set (cgyard) got propagated into the host tree
  • Restore of inherited shared pipe failed
  • Spaces, tabs and backslashes in mountpoints' paths caused dump to fail
  • Tmpfs mounted with empty source caused dump to fail
  • The criu.pc file contained bad version when built from tarball
  • Deprecated -n option found in docs
  • On aarch64 the maximum virtual address available for user-space was wrongly hardcoded