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Tarball: criu-2.6.tar.bz2
Version: 2.6 "Paper Crane"
Released: 12 Sep 2016
GIT tag: v2.6

New features[edit]


  • Use service FD for transport sockets on restore
  • Ability to turn pagemap-cache off (some kernels are buggy)
  • The criu --help text has become better


  • R/O-mounted root could block the dump
  • Restore of could fail
  • Cgroup fs bind mounts were detected with error
  • Unaligned futex-es in parasite could cause dump to crash
  • When compiled with gcc-4.9 parasite code crashed
  • Failure to freeze cgroup didn't result in aborting of dump
  • Wrong ns list was parsed when dumping userns (invisible since nesting works only for mntns)
  • Non-inheritable non-tty as stdin caused shell-job restore to erroneously fail
  • Error path in criu dedup could crash


  • Per-pid rlimit, itimers and posix-timers
  • Separate image for epoll tfds (target file descriptors)