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Tarball: criu-2.8.tar.bz2
Version: 2.8 "Bronze Siskin"
Released: 14 Nov 2016
GIT tag: v2.8

New features[edit]


  • x86 can now be built with clang
  • When dumping files useless garbage was sent with descriptors from parasite
  • The clear_tid_address and regs are printed in hex with CRIT
  • Big code rework for compel (part 1)
  • Removed duplicate error messages from opening /proc files


  • Restoring cgroup NS could use old path prefix
  • criu check crashed on btrfs mounts
  • RO external mounts in userns couldn't be restored
  • Unmounted on host binfmt_misc could cause dump to fail
  • Off-by-one could cause criu crash when dumping shared / bind-mount
  • Mount namespace' roots could have flags changed on restore
  • Dying tasks could erroneously be tried to dump
  • Swapped shared memory pages were not dumped
  • Errno value can be sometimes spoiled by RPC
  • Restore of netns with newer iproute2 tool could fail