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Ice penguin.jpg
Tarball: criu-3.12.tar.gz
Version: 3.12 "Ice Penguin"
Released: 25 Apr 2019
GIT tag: v3.12

New features[edit]

  • build CRIU with Android NDK
  • C/R of
    • IP RAW sockets
    • lsm: dump and restore any SELinux process label
    • support restoring ghost files on readonly mounts


  • Do not lock network if running in the host network namespace
  • Fix RPC configuration file handling
  • util: don't leak file descriprots to third-party tools
  • small fixes here and there


  • travis: switch to the Ubuntu Xenial
  • travis-ci: Enable ia32 tests
  • Many improvements and bug fixes in the libcriu
    • Changes in the API and ABI (SONAME increased from 1 to 2)