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Collected here is the list of, well, lists :) that might be too long to be iterated over in a plain manner.

  • parasite_collect_aios looks for AIO ring VMA which is typically the only one in MM
  • find_fle_by_fd iterates over fdtable FDs to look for a specific one
  • create_children_and_session makes 2 scans, while we can do it in one go
  • opts.external will grow big soon (external_lookup_*)
  • collect_one_fifo scans fifo_head for object by ID
  • restore_file_locks scans global list for per-pid locks
  • find_file_desc_raw uses 64-chains hash. Make it dynamic?
  • rsti->used seems to be non-efficient
  • opts.inherit_fds will grow big soon
  • find_inotify_info & collect_fanotify_mark
  • inet_ports in port_add
  • find_unix_sk_by_ino

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