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We had an idea to validate patches in a mailing list. For that, we need to have a way to get a whole patch series, apply them to the clean criu repo and execute our tests. Patchwork helps us to solve the first sub-task here.

How does it work[edit]

  • The criu-patchwork-list jenkins job is executed periodicaly
  • It lists all new patch series and triggers criu-patchwork jenkins job for them
  • The criu-patchwork job applies a series to the clean criu repo and push it to github
  • Mr Travis execute tests for all new changes on github
  • The criu-patchwork-list job set a status for the series accoding with test results and patchwork sends a notification if the status isn't positive.


git-pw - a command line tool. It allows to list patches and to apply them to a local repo.

This tool can be downloaded from here. Don't forget to install dependencies from the requirements.txt

And you need to add a few lines into the git config:

[patchwork "default"]
       url =
       project = criu