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Comparison to other CR projects

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This pages tries to explain differences between CRIU and other C/R solutions.
== [ DMTCP ] ==
== [ BLCR] ==
Berkeley Lab Checkpoint/Restart (BLCR) is a part of the Scalable Systems Software Suite ,
developed by the Future Technologies Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab under SciDAC
funding from the United States Department of Energy. It is an Open Source, system-level
checkpointer designed with High Performance Computing (HPC) applications in mind: in particular
CPU and memory intensive batch-scheduled MPI jobs. BLCR is implemented as a GPL-licensed
loadable kernel module for Linux 2.4.x and 2.6.x kernels on the x86, x86_64, PPC/PPC64, ARM architectures, and a
small LGPL-licensed library.
== [ CRIU], [ DMTCP], [ BLCR] ==

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